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  • Alarm Installation for the Modern Home

    Posted on December 5,2017
    By Luke Tadich

    It’s always been important to keep your home, family and property safe, but it hasn’t always been as easy as it is today. With more homes choosing to have security alarms installed for peace of mind, the technology available has improved considerably. The alarm installation Melbourne is choosing to keep its homes safe has loads of nifty, modern features to deter trespassers.

    It’s recommended that you don’t try to install alarms by yourself. Instead, choose a professional  alarm installation company in Melbourne. Before instalment, they’ll conduct a thorough examination to determine the “weak spots” of your house and figure out where it’s easiest for an unwanted visitor to enter. Afterwards, they’ll give you the best alarm installation system for your property so you can be confident in the security of your home and family.

    Take advantage of some modern features of alarm installation that have emerged in recent years.

    Immediately alerts a security service

    In the past, security alarms were solely designed to make a loud noise that would deter trespassers and hopefully alert neighbours and homeowners to the problem, who could then choose to address that problem. Nowadays, when an alarm is set off, it makes a loud noise while also alerting a security service like the police to the intrusion.

    This happens through a phone line or over a high speed internet. Immediately connecting to a local police service can give comfort to all homes, but particularly those housing elderly people or children.

    Wireless security systems

    Older security systems required a lot of wiring during set-up, which was a common complaint of many buyers. Many modern-day security systems are now wireless, eliminating the issue completely. This reduces the need to drill holes and have unsightly wires running around the house. Not only that, but wireless systems tend to be faster and more convenient than traditional alarms.

    Facial recognition

    Perhaps one of the most technically advanced aspects to modern home security installation is the facial recognition feature. The software prevents unknown guests from entering your property. It uses general recognition software to recognise pre-programmed suspicious behaviours , measure the direction that someone heads, and more.

    With advanced remote viewing options for homeowners, you can keep an eye on who is approaching your property at all times, even when you’re on holiday or at work.

    Infrared Cameras

    Infrared cameras are an innovation in modern home alarm installation, Melbourne homes are increasingly seeing the benefits. As crimes are most likely to happen at night, you need a security system that can see in the dark. Infrared cameras can see in low light and no light, and are able to see things that the human eye cannot. That means 24/7 security is now guaranteed.

    Pet friendly alarm systems

    Homes with furry family members no longer need to worry about cats or dogs setting off an alarm system and accidentally calling the police to their home. Pet-friendly alarm systems are available to avoid this old common problem, so you can be sure you’re not wasting police time.

    For complete confidence in home or commercial security, get in touch with One-Tec Security. We offer modern, innovative alarm systems in Melbourne and can provide a free quote and fast installation so your home is always protected.

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