Installation of Residential & Commercial Alarm Systems

Installation of Residential & Commercial Alarm Systems

One-Tec Security specialises in all types of intruder detection systems, from protecting homes to protecting people and businesses. We offer service, maintenance and alarm installation of all security brands to Melbourne. We only use the leading brands, which have a proven record of reliability and are quality assured. We install and customise both commercial and home security alarm systems in Melbourne to fit any budget and tailor to individual needs and requirements; from basic intruder detection to integrated systems.

We offer solutions in protecting residential, industrial and commercial properties in Melbourne which include:

  • Passive infra-red detectors (PIR) to suit all environments and applications from standard movement detectors to pet/tri tec detectors with a wide range of hardwired and wireless options available to suit all premises.
  • Reed Switches for all types of opening doors, windows. These home security alarms are perfect to protect perimeters whilst in the house or if have you have pets who roam free in the house but also having the peace of mind. Also available in hardwired and wireless options.
  • Smoke alarms which connect to the system, which will trigger if smoke is detected regardless of whether the device is armed or disarmed. These smoke alarms can include 24/7 response monitoring.
  • Glass Break detection, which is ideal for businesses with shop fronts or any property that has glass areas requiring protection.
  • Panic Buttons; hard-wired panic buttons can be fitted throughout a house or business. Wireless panic buttons are mobile devices that you can carry with you in high-risk work situations to ensure personal safety. These are able to connect to 24/7 response monitoring.
  • Medical alarms; mostly used for the elderly or disabled which you can fit in fixed home locations or carried around your neck or wrist. These can be connected to 24/7 response monitoring.

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