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Grade A 24 hour Monitoring

These days, we lead such busy lives that sometimes our premises are left unattended. At One-Tec security we have a Grade A monitoring centre that monitors your alarm in case of an intrusion and alerts you and your nominated contacts to the following:

  • Possible Intrusion
  • A/C power fails at your premises
  • Low battery signals
  • Tamper alarm activations
  • Smoke alarm activations
  • Medical and panic button activations
  • Open/Close reporting

At One-Tec security we monitor all premises from residential to business for total peace of mind. We can connect monitoring to almost all alarm panels either new or existing. In this modern era there are a wide range of monitoring solutions to monitor your system which include:

Digital Dialler

The digital dialler is the most basic and most common back to base monitoring alarm system. The security alarm system utilizes the customers existing telephone line to communicate any alarms to the central monitoring control room.

Every time the alarm system communicates with the control room a telephone call is made from the clients premises and in most domestic systems a regular weekly test call is automatically generated by the panel to ensure the alarm panel dialler is still operational. If a fault occurs on the telephone line it may be several days before this is detected unless a test call is made every day.

GSM Dialler

A GSM dialler is a digital mobile phone that has been designed to connect to any standard dialler alarm. The system can be used as the primary communication path to our control room if a standard telephone line is not available. Alternatively the GSM can be used as a backup so that the GSM will be used if the telephone line is cut.

There are some instances where the GSM dialler will not change over to the GSM due to faults on the standard telephone lines when the alarm system is using the GSM in a back up situation, it will restore to the standard telephone line as soon as the fault is rectified. Standard mobile phone charges apply to your sim card provider

GPRS Data Path

GPRS is the high-speed data path over a GSM network. It enables bi directional communication from a security system to a control room.

The GPRS network is available where ever the GSM network exists. It is compatible with most existing monitored security systems and does not require the connection of a phone line to the premises.

There are no call charges when the security system is communicating with the control room but slightly higher weekly monitoring fees are charged to cover the network costs.


With on going changes today in the way people communicate and an increase in clients not requiring phone lines, introducing IP alarm monitoring via Internet connection. By connecting a specially designed IP alarm monitoring security interface to your security system, and internal network modem, we are able to send all alarm data to our control room via this new connection.

This connection offers high-speed data and can be polled to check if the connection is OK. We can also offer UPS backup to your ADSL modem to increase the security of your system.

There are no phone call charges for this service but slightly higher weekly monitoring fees apply.

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